Saturday, June 8, 2013

April Platform Challenge #12

Day '12' - Call to Action

Call to action is directing your readers to another place after reading your post. You can do it to another blog, post, or a social media you are a part of. I thought originally it was getting your readers involved by having them do reply posts, or commenting. So you could comment here, and then create a post on your page and link it to your twitter, facebook, and linkedin!

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April Platform Challenge #11

Day '11' - Helpful Posts

So for day 11 you get to share a post that is helpful to your platform. Sharing it on twitter, Facebook, and a few other social sites is good. You get to learn new stuff, maybe make new connections, and maybe even help someone else! Here is the site I'm sharing.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

April Platform Challenge #10

Day '10' - Checking Yourself Out

Looking yourself up online gives you a great idea of what people can find out about you, and how you look to the public. Here is my findings on the following sites:


  • There are 23,900 results
  • My live journal shows up as the first thing, but if I take out Joann, Goodreads is the first.
  • With out the Joann there are 82,400 results
  • Both times only the first few are about myself
  • If I google Gothipire (my username for about everything!) there are 1,590 results, and all of the ones I clicked randomly had to deal with myself.
  • There are 42,500 results for full name, and my facebook shows up
  • 6,270 results without the middle name
  • The first one is my twitter account
  • Next is myspace (so old)
  • 6,750 results for Gothipire
  • Only my personal twitter shows up on the first page
  • Full name only my facebook shows up
  • Minus middle name just my myspace
  • Gothipire my mibba, twitter, wattpad, and accounts show up
  • My aunt Kim shows up for full name (its done that for all the other sites as well)
  • My Linkedin shows up first thing without my middle name
  • Gothipire gets a few of my sites twitter being second
  • Full name - nothing
  • -Middle name - nothing
  • Gothipire - my youtube video links show up
  • Full name - my aunt
  • -Middle - my aunt
  • Gothipire - youtube, and finally my blog!
  • Full name - 0 results 
  • -Middle - 0 results
  • Gothipire - 1 that is not me...
  • This one makes me really sad
  • Full name - 0 results 
  • -Middle - 0 results
  • Gothipire - My account, favorites, and videos!
I've learned that only google has a lot on me.

April Challenge Platform #9

Day '9' - Tweet tweet!

Now that the ones that have a twitter account who are doing this challenge have people to follow. The next thing is to reply to a tweet! It is really easy just click reply. It gets your name out there, and creates a bond with the person you are talking too as well. Retweeting does the same, but then shares what you thought was interesting on your page as well. It is all good for everyone! Enjoy the easy day of replying to at least 3 tweets today.

April Platform Challenge #8

Day '8' - New Social Network (for me at least)

This next day is about Linkedin, a media site I haven't heard of until recently. So I'm going to add it to my list of Site seeing! I'm not really sure about the site. So while I write this, I'll create my site!

It'll ask you your basic info: Name (first/last), Area, Password, & Email. Then the company you work for, or if you are a student and go to school. With the knowledge of your contacts in your email, it'll ask if you want to add your friends. Later it will ask if you'd like to share that you joined on Facebook/Twitter. You'll add your industry, current job, other jobs, current school degree & others, profile picture upload, skills you have, and many other details. It is almost like creating a job application. It is great for publishers, and agents to find you. You add so much information about yourself. It made me think a lot as I filled it out. You can find me here! Add me and add your link to the description below!

April Platform Challenge #7

Day '7' - Sharing is very caring

The next part of the section is the sharing options on your blog. My blog has buttons to share on Facebook and Twitter. There are widgets you can add to your blog to have people share it. The site from which I'm doing this challenge is getting a list of people's accounts. So if you'd like to share your Facebook, Twitter, or Blog in the comments, I'll make a massive list of all of them (an organized massive list). Please comment and share!!!!

Site Seeing

Well I'm updating my YouTube page, and you can only have 10 links. I've gone over it.... so I'm making this to keep it all, and add to it as I continue to join everything I find XD! Add me to what ever you'd like!

The main YouTube site is: Here are the rest of them.

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