Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Writing Sites

For this blog I decided to share all of the writing sites I have found. When looking for a publisher, or getting a beginner's fan base, these sites can help. Plus it is great to get other people's opinions!

A very well known and popular site is Fanfiction.net

  • For fan fiction writing: Own version of any story, movie, or game.
  • Mostly a place where people put to characters together that don't usually end up together.
  • Easy set up with traffic, messaging, reviews, and able to read other's work.
  • Not a place for original work.
Then you have fictionpress.com:
  • Made by the same people who do fan fiction, but for original works.
  • Has the same features as fanfiction, just without the use of copyrighted characters.
  • Down side to both, not many views.
Next is Figment.com:
  • You can heart, comment, or give a review.
  • You can hook up to your web page, twitter, and Facebook.
  • People can also say they got shivers, a blush, wow, cry, and laugh from your writing.
  • Can be shared on tumbler, Facebook, twitter, or email from readers to share your work.
  • You can start over on a story, or (if it is long enough) you can start from the chapter you left off of.
  • People follow you if they want to be notified of updates.
  • Shows how many chapters, words, and approximate time of your story/poem would be to read.
  • There's contests, forums, shop, the daily fig, spotlight, library, and groups.
  • The my writing section has all of your stories that you can destroy, edit, or view, and the last few people who commented, hearted, reviewed, ext. on your story.
  • My desk contains: People you are followings updates, and figment news.
  • My groups shows all the groups you are a part of.
  • With groups you can add a discussion, or be part of one already made, and look at other member's works.
  • Let of people wont read your work, unless you swap, and read/review or comment theirs first.
Wattpad.com is up:
  • Contains a profile page that has: Fans, fan of, your recent votes and recent comment, status, the about you section, your works, message board, and reading list.
  • You can connect to your web page, Facebook, and twitter.
  • There is also an inbox, my works for editing what you have posted, my library/ reading lists that you can save works you want to read or show what you have read, invite friends.
  • There is a create button to go straight to making a new piece.
  • The community drop down connects you to insider, clubs, contests, and the Atty's (an award).
  • On your work page it contains: # of reads, comments, and votes; a pin it button; rating; small about you section; a button to add to library  and the table of contents of your work.
  • You can decorate your profile page, and it's main color is bright orange.
  • Easy to navigate
  • Well organized (separates short stories, poems, photos, and can create characters).
  • There's a lot of stuff to do, you can write an article, blog, forum, add friends.
  • Kind of like a social network for writers.
  • When reading a story the first page is your long summer, and table of contents which is really nice.
  • This is one of my favorites to use.
Finally Writing.com:
  • There's a side bar that shows you things you can do, points, email, number of projects, and your page link.
  • Free members can only have up to 10 projects, for more space you'd have to be a paid member.
  • There are monthly contests, and lots of prices.
  • Points (if you have thousands of them) can be used to by from the shop instead of cash.
  • Boring set up.
  • People have left reviews sooner than other sites after you have posted (they are really helpful).
For quick response, use writing.com. For a Facebook/social like feel, use Mibba. For colorful/self done profile page and a way to remember what you want to read, use wattpad. For groups, fine set up, better details on what people think, use figment. For using characters from games, books, movies, and more that aren't yours, use fanfiction.net. And if you like fanfiction, but you have original work you want to share, use fictionpress.com.

To get a better feel for each one of the sites you'll have to look and mess with it yourself. Joining all of them is free. Need a friend, or want someone to read your work, just let me know and I'll add/friend/follow you. Hope this helps!

~Write on, fellow writers!!!~

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Hobbit (Movie)

Source: Google

Back in December the movie The Hobbit came out! Now I am a huge Lord of the Rings fan, so I attended the midnight premier. I was expecting the theater to have more people dressed for the occasion. My friends and I were slightly dressed as elves (they had the ears, and I had the clothes). We ran into a Gandalf, which made us want to go up and try to get passed him in hopes that he will stomp his stick in the ground, and say "You shall not pass!" (but we are shy :/)

Off to the actual movie review (spoilers most likely)! The color and the imagery was really amazing. The affects were really great. One of my favorite scenes was the dwarves singing about breaking dishes. They did well with making the dishes be tossed, but never breaking them. Another thing that was really great was the fact that they used the songs that were in the book. 

Compared to the book they did make the brown wizard, Radagast the Brown, was given a bigger role. In the book he was in a paragraph but in the movie they make him a more important character which is really nice to see. They change the troll scene, and inside the caves with the goblins. They make Bilbo seem a lot more of a weaker person, and not as much as a hero. Gandalf seems to save the day instead. 

Source: Google

The dwarves were really awesome characters. They have all the care free love to party and drink, as well as the determination and work ethic. Appearance wise their beards are funny. All of them are different from the others. The way they are presented in the beginning is different. Gandalf doesn't get invited to tea, so them showing up instead is a bigger surprise then in the book. I feel like they treated Bilbo better in the book, and not so harshly as they do in the movie. Thorin seems more rude, but in the book he wasn't really sure about the hobbit's skills anyways.

For Lord of the Rings fans, and people who aren't really into it will love this movie. Its comical, pleasing to the eye, and action filled. It is just as good as the Lord of the Rings movies. It is a must see movie! Plus you will be glad to know that the book has been split into more than one movie. When the next one will come out? I have no idea (sadly)!

~Enjoy the weirder things in life!~