Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Hobbit (Movie)

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Back in December the movie The Hobbit came out! Now I am a huge Lord of the Rings fan, so I attended the midnight premier. I was expecting the theater to have more people dressed for the occasion. My friends and I were slightly dressed as elves (they had the ears, and I had the clothes). We ran into a Gandalf, which made us want to go up and try to get passed him in hopes that he will stomp his stick in the ground, and say "You shall not pass!" (but we are shy :/)

Off to the actual movie review (spoilers most likely)! The color and the imagery was really amazing. The affects were really great. One of my favorite scenes was the dwarves singing about breaking dishes. They did well with making the dishes be tossed, but never breaking them. Another thing that was really great was the fact that they used the songs that were in the book. 

Compared to the book they did make the brown wizard, Radagast the Brown, was given a bigger role. In the book he was in a paragraph but in the movie they make him a more important character which is really nice to see. They change the troll scene, and inside the caves with the goblins. They make Bilbo seem a lot more of a weaker person, and not as much as a hero. Gandalf seems to save the day instead. 

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The dwarves were really awesome characters. They have all the care free love to party and drink, as well as the determination and work ethic. Appearance wise their beards are funny. All of them are different from the others. The way they are presented in the beginning is different. Gandalf doesn't get invited to tea, so them showing up instead is a bigger surprise then in the book. I feel like they treated Bilbo better in the book, and not so harshly as they do in the movie. Thorin seems more rude, but in the book he wasn't really sure about the hobbit's skills anyways.

For Lord of the Rings fans, and people who aren't really into it will love this movie. Its comical, pleasing to the eye, and action filled. It is just as good as the Lord of the Rings movies. It is a must see movie! Plus you will be glad to know that the book has been split into more than one movie. When the next one will come out? I have no idea (sadly)!

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