Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Recently I have gotten anxiety. I personally haven't pin pointed the exact cause. Though it tends to be when I'm overly emotional, some zombie movies, and staying at another persons house. I'd like to do a quick post about what I've learned.

My Anxiety Symptoms
I should explain how my anxiety works. I sometimes get a headache and huge nausea. Sometimes my brain tries to get me to pee every five minutes. The site/smell of food makes me want to vomit, and the only comfortable spot is to lay day and focus on something. To a lot of people it sounded like I was pregnant, but that is impossible.

Stay Busy
That doesn't mean watching TV, a movie, and sometimes reading wont work. Your mind kind wonder, and if it isn't focused on something like Sudoku or a fun phone app it wont calm you down. Focusing can help clam you down, slow your heart rate, and relax. Which is really important for some. Even playing a console like the Xbox helps. Personally I play Skyrim.
*Tip from Leah Mouse, the most important out of all of them! (I think)

Caffeine increases the heart rate. You don't have to give up caffeine  just watch when you do, and how much. If your going to sleep, to the movies, or sitting quietly for a while on a task that doesn't distract you that much, try not to have caffeine before hand. You can have your favorite sodas, I know Pepsi and root beer have caffeine free sodas! The good thing about morning coffee is that it is early enough, where it shouldn't affect you.

If it is late at night, or your tired enough, sleeping can help. It forces you to forget about the days tasks, and worry. It shuts you down, and makes the brain focus on working on itself. When you wake up, most of the time, the anxiety is all gone!

Take deep, slow breaths. They help a lot if you feel your heart start to race. If you have control of your breathing, you can calm your heart down. 

If your heart is already racing, why not dance your heart out? Get out the old exercise video that you have on VHS and workout! Play the Wii, go for a jog, walk your dog, take a nature walk, walk around the mall. Do anything to give your heart a reason to beat fast.

Anxiety Medicine
There is medicine you can take out there. It has to be prescribed by a doctor. But if you can do it without medicine, you should try to. It does take care of the anxiety, and you only have to take it when needed. My mom takes half of the pill, because that still works, and you don't need the whole thing.

Hope this helps with anyone who has anxiety!

~Magick is everywhere~

Friday, March 1, 2013

Fox News Sticks Their Foot in Their mouth? Part II

This is a lengthy, because I cover a 3 minute YouTube video piece by piece. Here is a link to Part I.

& Friends:
Again they say 20% even though it is 17%. I'm just hoping the guy knows that Wiccanism isn't a word like he did the other video. It is Wicca.

They point out that there are not many Pagans/Wiccans, and why not join it if it is small. First, some go by - To Know, To Will, To Dare, To Be Silent. We don't parade it around and announce it. Despite the law here in the US, and the lack of information people know; we tend to keep it a secret. If you are proud, why keep it a secret  Let me pint you out to the Burning Times/Salem Witch Trials where people were killed if they thought they were a witch. People can still get fired, other places have Witchcraft as a crime, and some are still killed for it. That is why we don't share, and if we do, there's the phrase - Coming out of the broom closet. Secondly, don't join a religion because it is small. That is just as stupid as doing it for the number of holidays.

Its bizarre that there are 20 holidays for Wiccans? Okay if you add in the full moons there is 20, but not everyone considers that and sometimes there are 13 full moons in a year. I don't think it is bizarre if the University has the balls to take a step closer for people understanding the religion, and accepting it.

"On a really bad day, I might turn into one. I don't know." It is not an emotion, or a switch you can flip at random! You also say you don't know any Wiccans. So why make statements about them as if it was fact?

The Lady said there is 80% of world population that are Christian. Here's what this pie chart says...

"It is less about elevating other religions and other individuals, and its more about deluding the dynamic what's important in people's lives." The hell? Is religion not important in people's lives? The University is putting Paganism and Wicca out there in way better light then this news station is, and is helping people realize it isn't a bad thing.

Pagans are anti establishment, and they don't need to recognize us. Ummm....No. We aren't against establishment or society. How did one conclude such a statement? The establishment enforces the law, freedom of religion is one of those laws that we really love. We need the recognition to stop prejudice, to stop being fired for a religious practice. So people don't shun you or tell you you are going to hell because you believe in a certain religion. I think it is a good thing if they do.

"How can name 8 Wiccan holidays?" I thought you said there was 20? Still can name them: Beltaine, Samhain, Yule, Imbolc, Lughnasadh, Litha, Mabon, Ostara. Can you be consistent at least if you are going to be wrong.

"There's like 10 of them." and they out number all the other religions individual holidays. So we lost 12 holidays, and now gained two to get 10. We out number other religion holidays? Even with 10, Christians and Judaism each have 11 in the guide! We don't pass anyone, and when did this become a holiday contest?

There are ways to get out of school, and people would think we are crazy for asking Halloween off. Yes there are ways to get out of school, but Easter and Christmas is off for Christians. So why not for other religious holidays? Yule is in winter break already, because the date is so close to Christmas. I informed my teachers ahead of time that I was taking Halloween off. I didn't get any crazy or weird looks. One, the follow the rules questions everything kind of teacher, asked why. I told him flat out that it was a religious holiday. The next class day we watched a video about the history of Halloween (note: this was in a history class). It isn't crazy to ask that day off. At least she knows the weird looks are insulting.

"If you are Atheist or a Pagan isn't everyday a holiday?" When did atheists get into this? And yes everyday is a gift. There are other religions (at least one that I can't remember the name of) that don't celebrate any holidays, because everyday is a celebration. I'm pretty sure you should celebrate that you have a blood flow, oxygen in your lungs, and other signs of life in your body. Yes we celebrate nature. Sometimes when we cook, take nature walks, volunteering, gardening: those are ways to celebrate it. We don't have to make 365 holidays to celebrate it. Just in daily tasks is enough.

"Only a country that has been too rich for too long, can be this frivolousness and silly." Too rich? Last time I checked we were in debt for 4 trillion dollars, and it increases fast then we can lower it. And it hasn't really been that long. How is it silly to recognize a growing religion, or any religion for that matter. There is nothing wrong with it, and it isn't silly.

"So they hate Orthodox Christianity, that's kind of what it comes down to." - Guy There is no hate. Why would this be hate to another religion, by recognizing another? That's egotistical for a religion. Making it about another religion, don't flatter it. It has nothing to do with it!

"Its about Pagans and Wiccan being used for a political agenda to down grade what's important to the majority of Americans." Used? Being recognized in a University in a good way is being used? That is silly! Down grade what's important? You seem to know what all Americans seem to think is important. Please do tell me. I thought it was things like family, career, happiness, and spiritual fulfillment (those are general and don't work for all, and differ according to the person). Being able to have the day free of stress to celebrate a religious holiday fits the spiritual fulfillment part! It isn't down grading a thing. Would you like it if winter break was in November at Thanksgiving time, and you had to go to school on Christmas? I don't think you would. You would protest, boycott, do petitions, and just take that day off. Think of how we feel.

"This is an anti-tradition action. I think Pagans and Wiccans should be very angry about being used by the establishment. And I think that...there should be a backlash. Look the tradition of this country is what allows people to be Pagans and Wiccans to enjoy their lives freely. Good luck doing that in any other country."

Anti-tradition action...to show freedom of religion by recognizing it is against tradition. It used to be tradition to burn someone for being accused of being a Witch, it used to be tradition for women not to vote, it was tradition to have slaves, to have different bathrooms because of skin color, to kick people out of their land, and it was tradition to have no airbags in a car. Yet tradition changed, and so did the laws. They even changed for the better. Yet keeping the tradition of freedom of religion is anti-tradition. Please think before opening your mouth.

Again we are not being used. Recognition isn't bad. I think more colleges should follow the footsteps of University of Missouri. They are a great role model in this, and took a step forward that others should follow. We aren't going to backlash. First that's really bad karma. Second they did a good thing, so there is no need. What you probably didn't think is how much of a backlash your words would bring.

It isn't tradition that allows Pagans and Wiccans to enjoy life freely (like everyone else does). It is the law that people have fought and died for that gave us freedom. That became tradition, and it changes as the world changes and people become more accepting and understanding.

Other countries have Pagan and Wiccans. They originated in Europe and Africa. Some follow the Egyptian path (Africa), others follow Norse, Celtic Greek, Roman, and Druid paths (Europe). Both Celtic and Druids are known to be the first Pagans. They are everywhere just like Christianity is.

"You wouldn't want to see Wiccans when they are angry." We react like everyone else. We get pissed, frustrated, scream/yell, or whatever people do when they are upset. We wont curse you or your future children/generations. That is bad karma. How do you like the anger they have showed to your lack of knowledge?

The Guide link is for the guide of the University so you can see the holidays they have listed, and learn more about them. Fox is for Part I, it is a YouTube video. & Friends is a YouTube video I cover in this section. Humors Approach is a funny video I found of commentary from a Pagan/Wiccan (not sure which and don't want to accidentally state the wrong thing). He gives good information in a good humorous why. Informative is another long video that goes over a lot more information. I think it is really good to take the time to watch. It is down in a (what seems like) an unbiased manner. The last link, Petition, is of the petition people signed for them to do a formal apology. Though it is closed, I think if nothing is done, maybe more people will support and redo the petition. 

Note: I do understand that the first video is a talk show, which is other people opinions. However, you should still have the correct facts if talking about something. That is why I signed the petition. I think if you are going to state an opinion live you should know the true facts and due a tad bit of research.

Fox News Sticks Their Foot in Their mouth? Part I

This is a lengthy, because I cover a 3 minute YouTube video piece by piece.

A week or more ago, Fox News talked about University of Missouri for having Pagan/Wiccan holidays requested as a day for not to plan exams. There is a guide that contains all of the holidays for people to be informed. I think it's great for others to read and maybe learn a little something, and the teachers can respect other people's religion, that isn't the majority. Now you probably think, if they just talked about that, what is so bad? Personally they stuck their foot in their mouth by almost bashing on the religion itself.

They state that "The bad thing of Wicca is of course that it is Witchcraft." First thing wrong with that, not all Pagans are Wiccans, not all Pagans or Wiccans are Witches, and not all Witches are Pagans or Wiccans. For the Wiccans that are Witches, Witchcraft isn't bad. If you use magick for evil, then yeah, that isn't a good thing. However, everything has a good and bad side. To ride something off you know nothing about as bad, isn't a very nice thing or smart thing to do. In this case you'll look like an idiot to the people who do understand.

Next they state that the upside of being a Pagan/Wiccan is how many holidays we have. That 20% of the school's holidays are Pagan/Wiccan. There are 8 Pagan/Wiccan holidays, not including the Full Moons that not all Pagans/Wiccans celebrate all of the time. In the book there are 8 Pagan/Wiccan holidays. But wait, you said it takes up 20% of the holidays in the guide, right? Yes I did.

Lets do a little math: There are 47 holidays in the guide, and 8 Pagan holidays. 47*.20= 9.4. 9.4 doesn't equal 8, now does it?  47*X=8, divide by 47, times 100 = 17.02%. They really make it sound bad, but there are 5 Hindu Holidays (10.64%), 1 Sikh (2.13%), 3 Buddhism (6.38%), 2 Shinto (4.26%), 3 Baha'i (6.38%), 3 Islamic (6.38%), 11 Catholic/Christian (23.40%), and 11 Jewish (23.40%). Do to rounding it only equals 99.99%. Christian and Jewish are the ones with the most holidays. Why is it a big deal that Pagans have 8 (3 less)? Maybe if they did math they would understand it isn't such a big deal.

Why can't we all coexist?

Another statement you can't say Merry Christmas to people without people feeling that you are pushing the Christian religion. People can say what they want, and people can feel what they want. I've said happy Yule to a few people in a store, and they corrected me saying it is Merry Christmas (then I pointed out Yule is sooner, and explained the holiday). I've also been given weird looks by telling people merry met, and blessed be. So Merry Christmas's reactions aren't as bad as some of the things I have said (out of politeness) to others. The Christians I do know don't care what other people think, it is Christmas for them, and they are going to say Merry Christmas! There is nothing wrong with that. Have you ever stated anything holiday related and gotten a weird reaction? Please share in the comments below!

"You get 20 holidays if you are Wiccan. That's the one to go with, right?....If you are going to pick one, pick the one with the most holidays." We've already established there are only 8 holidays. They should really brush up on facts, if they are sharing things with a bunch of viewers who might not know the real ones. Religions aren't picked based on how many days you could call into work, and call it a holiday based off your religion. They are picked because you believe in it. If the days off are the only reason you switched, not many people will respect you, from your lack of morals. I mean really? Why would someone do that?

"Except any religion who's most sacred day is Halloween, I just can't take seriously." O.O When I first heard that, I just paused the video, and starred at the screen. First it isn't Halloween, it is Samhain. Samhain is the 'new year' for Pagans/Wiccans, is usually celebrated Oct.31st and Nov.1st, and is the day we celebrate and honor our ancestors. If you can't take a religion seriously because they respect the dead, then I could never take you seriously and I would think you wouldn't celebrate or honor your dead at all. All Saints Day was originally May 13th, starting in 609. In 835, it was moved to November 1st in order to convert more people from the Celtic/Pagan/Wiccan traditions to Christianity by Pope Gregory IV.

They also said that Halloween is the Pagan side....The Pagan side? There aren't sides, there is two different beliefs/tradition. Both have the same holidays. Just like Christianity has Lutherans and Catholics. It's like Paganism is similar to Christianity. lO.Ol

"How many Pagans can name every holiday?" There's 8: Samhain, Yule, Imbolc, Ostara, Beltaine, Litha, Lughnasadh, and Mabon. I did that with only questioning, and double checking spelling. I'm pretty sure Pagans/Wiccans know their holidays, just like Christians. It is not that complicated.

They did state that Pagans/Wiccans are of the earth; commented how we say that we are harmless, peacefully, and don't do anything bad. Which is the only thing I haven't disagreed with.

They continue to state that the only Wiccans/Pagans they know tend to play "compulsive deep dungeons and dragons player, or a middle age twice divorced old women living in a rural area who works as a mid wife." I have yet to be married, I don't live in a rural area, I don't work as a mid wife, and I've never played deep dungeons and dragons, but I am Pagan! That is really bad stereo typing. There is no logic to it. I'm glad we aren't the  stereotypical witch with green skin and warts. Just wow! 

Then they added we like a lot of incense  A lot is too much. However, I do like it. It smells good, and gives it gives off a soothing feel that is nice at home. I know none Pagans/Wiccans that use incense too.

The Guide link is for the guide of the University so you can see the holidays they have listed, and learn more about them. Fox is for this section, it is a YouTube video. & Friends is a YouTube video I cover in part II. Humors Approach is a funny video I found of commentary from a Pagan/Wiccan (not sure which and don't want to accidentally state the wrong thing). He gives good information in a good humorous why. Informative is another long video that goes over a lot more information. I think it is really good to take the time to watch. It is down in a (what seems like) an unbiased manner. The last link, Petition, is of the petition people signed for them to do a formal apology. Though it is closed, I think if nothing is done, maybe more people will support and redo the petition.