Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Recently I have gotten anxiety. I personally haven't pin pointed the exact cause. Though it tends to be when I'm overly emotional, some zombie movies, and staying at another persons house. I'd like to do a quick post about what I've learned.

My Anxiety Symptoms
I should explain how my anxiety works. I sometimes get a headache and huge nausea. Sometimes my brain tries to get me to pee every five minutes. The site/smell of food makes me want to vomit, and the only comfortable spot is to lay day and focus on something. To a lot of people it sounded like I was pregnant, but that is impossible.

Stay Busy
That doesn't mean watching TV, a movie, and sometimes reading wont work. Your mind kind wonder, and if it isn't focused on something like Sudoku or a fun phone app it wont calm you down. Focusing can help clam you down, slow your heart rate, and relax. Which is really important for some. Even playing a console like the Xbox helps. Personally I play Skyrim.
*Tip from Leah Mouse, the most important out of all of them! (I think)

Caffeine increases the heart rate. You don't have to give up caffeine  just watch when you do, and how much. If your going to sleep, to the movies, or sitting quietly for a while on a task that doesn't distract you that much, try not to have caffeine before hand. You can have your favorite sodas, I know Pepsi and root beer have caffeine free sodas! The good thing about morning coffee is that it is early enough, where it shouldn't affect you.

If it is late at night, or your tired enough, sleeping can help. It forces you to forget about the days tasks, and worry. It shuts you down, and makes the brain focus on working on itself. When you wake up, most of the time, the anxiety is all gone!

Take deep, slow breaths. They help a lot if you feel your heart start to race. If you have control of your breathing, you can calm your heart down. 

If your heart is already racing, why not dance your heart out? Get out the old exercise video that you have on VHS and workout! Play the Wii, go for a jog, walk your dog, take a nature walk, walk around the mall. Do anything to give your heart a reason to beat fast.

Anxiety Medicine
There is medicine you can take out there. It has to be prescribed by a doctor. But if you can do it without medicine, you should try to. It does take care of the anxiety, and you only have to take it when needed. My mom takes half of the pill, because that still works, and you don't need the whole thing.

Hope this helps with anyone who has anxiety!

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