Wednesday, June 5, 2013

April Platform Challenge #10

Day '10' - Checking Yourself Out

Looking yourself up online gives you a great idea of what people can find out about you, and how you look to the public. Here is my findings on the following sites:


  • There are 23,900 results
  • My live journal shows up as the first thing, but if I take out Joann, Goodreads is the first.
  • With out the Joann there are 82,400 results
  • Both times only the first few are about myself
  • If I google Gothipire (my username for about everything!) there are 1,590 results, and all of the ones I clicked randomly had to deal with myself.
  • There are 42,500 results for full name, and my facebook shows up
  • 6,270 results without the middle name
  • The first one is my twitter account
  • Next is myspace (so old)
  • 6,750 results for Gothipire
  • Only my personal twitter shows up on the first page
  • Full name only my facebook shows up
  • Minus middle name just my myspace
  • Gothipire my mibba, twitter, wattpad, and accounts show up
  • My aunt Kim shows up for full name (its done that for all the other sites as well)
  • My Linkedin shows up first thing without my middle name
  • Gothipire gets a few of my sites twitter being second
  • Full name - nothing
  • -Middle name - nothing
  • Gothipire - my youtube video links show up
  • Full name - my aunt
  • -Middle - my aunt
  • Gothipire - youtube, and finally my blog!
  • Full name - 0 results 
  • -Middle - 0 results
  • Gothipire - 1 that is not me...
  • This one makes me really sad
  • Full name - 0 results 
  • -Middle - 0 results
  • Gothipire - My account, favorites, and videos!
I've learned that only google has a lot on me.

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